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The Kate Winslet Diet
Date Added: September 08, 2008 10:23:48 PM
Category: Health: Weight Issues

The following diet plan has not only been followed by Kate Winslet but also by Melanie C and has produced astonishing results. But one word of caution: this diet is not for the “faint hearted” as it requires herculean willpower to stick to.

Quick info:

Best for: losing a lot of weight

What is it: you eat only what is prescribed, exactly the same everyday. BUT basically there is no wheat, no dairy, no sugar, no caffeine and no alcohol.

For how long: the diet is to be strictly followed for 3 months

Side effects:headaches,shivers,aching limbs for the first week, but increased energy levels after week 2.

Elizabeth Gibaud is the creator of this diet and says that the theory behind the diet is that you basically know exactly what you have to eat by looking at your face. Since the diet is really stringent ,a lot of multi vitamins are prescribed. Those who have followed the diet have regularly taken about 6 evening primrose tablets a day, two b complex vitamins, five calcium and magnesium tabs too. BUT remember you can only do this diet if your progress and condition is being monitored by a professional dietician.

What do you have to eat?


Everyday for three months it is the same:

  • Breakfast: one oat cake (a cup of organic porridge oats and water, flattened into a big Frisbee and baked) with cucumbers.
  • Lunch: one small grilled chicken breast with steamed asparagus and courgettes
  • Dinner: one small baked potato with green salad and unsalted butter
  • To drink|: water, peppermint/chamomile tea, “if anything else passes your lips the whole day is wasted”, says Elizabeth Gibaud.


How easy is it to stick to?

The diet is really strict-you literally cannot eat anything other than the menu above-it takes over every facet of your life. Those who take-up the task of following this diet might experience tough situations as one has been used to gluttonous tendencies in the past, but by the end of the fortnight the boost comes from a staggering fall in the weight(generally 1stone).However the weight dropped may vary from person to person.

                  However with this diet you cannot go around faking that you are not on a diet, when you are out and socializing. Sometimes diet plateaus can also come and this is where your dietician will be at your rescue. And when the 3months of labour are over you will reap the astounding result of a “NEW YOU”.

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